Head Lice on Child Being Cleaned

Welcome to Buggin’ Out Lice Center of Tallahassee Florida . We provide head lice checks, complete head lice treatment and lice removal.

No gimmicks, or scary machines. Our one time treatment is all natural, affordable, and guaranteed.

Don’t BUG OUT! Let us help!

I was at my wits end when Buggin’ Out was recommended to me! After one treatment my daughters’ lice problem was gone.

I feel confident in recommending Buggin’ Out Lice Center for fast, reliable treatment!

– Linda

Our Services page lists pricing, and information regarding head checks and treatment right here in Tallahassee!

Take a look to see how we can safely and painlessly eradicate your lice frustration. 

With us you can stop Buggin’ Out!

Why Should You Choose a Lice Treatment Center?

When a child gets sent home from school with a case of head lice it is normal for parents to panic. They start to read up about head lice, search for products to remove it and often spend countless nights picking and cleaning.

At Buggin Out, you can leave that all up to the professionals.

We have done the homework for you by researching the best technique, natural products, and knowledge. Lice in your home can be a very stressful time. Your children will feel it too. It is nothing to feel ashamed about. Why not bring them to a treatment salon for a one time treatment that is guaranteed.

We can remove the lice and nits, answer your lice questions and explain how to treat your home efficiently without Buggin Out!