Why choose a lice treatment center?

When you are faced with a lice issue it can be stressful, time consuming and expensive.  The products that you can by over the counter have  chemicals in it that can harm your children.  Also, as with anything that has been used for a long time, these lice are becoming immune to these treatments, therefore, more treatments need to be done.  Our lice products are all natural and safe for your children. Why not let a professional take care of your lice worries and save you countless hours of picking and combing.  At Bugging our lice treatment center, you will have a guarantee that the lice will be removed and you can get back to life in one day.

What do I do if my child has head lice?

You will need to have the child treated as quickly as possible.  In doing so you can reduce the chance that the lice will be spread to others.  Then check all other family members to rule them out.  You will also need to communicate with the school nurse, neighbors and close friends.  Lice is a gift that keeps giving and to ensure that the cycle will end you need to take precautionary measures from having the lice keep recurring.

What is a “No Nit Policy”?

A “No Nit Policy” means that any child with nits cannot go to school.  This means that there are lice eggs in the head that need to be treated and removed before the child can go back to school.Who is at risk of getting head lice?
No one is immune from getting head lice.  If you have contact with an infested person, you can get it.

How do parents know if their child has head lice?

Parents should watch for symptoms such as itching, swollen glands, sleepiness after a good night’s rest, or a rash at the back of the child’s neck.  At times, head lice can be hard to detect because they can camouflage themselves and can be difficult to be seen by an untrained eye.

If my child has head lice, should I treat everyone in the family?

Absolutley not!  All family members should be checked though.  Don’t treat unless evidence of lice is found!