​A trained professional will thoroughly check your head strand by stand identifying lice and nits using a dry and wet inspection method.  At the completion of our check you will have evidence of whether or not a treatment is required.

Individual Head Check – $25

Family Head Check – $10 per person

The cost of head checks are included in the treatment price if evidence of lice is found and you are treated in our salon.

All Natural Treatment​

Individual Treatment – $95  (Special pricing for the month of April! Save $30 off the regular price of $125.)

This service includes:

  • A trained professional technician will complete a full head check to identify lice.
  • All natural treatment is applied using our non-toxic, chemical free product to loosen nits and kill lice.
  • Our technician will perform a full comb-out removing all nits and lice from the hair.
  • A final strand by strand inspection is then completed ensuring all lice and nits are removed.
  • Before leaving the salon we will apply an oil that will ensure there are absolutely no remaining lice.