Super Lice Explanation

There is new scientific evidence that have found lice in 25 states have “evolved”… Florida being one of them.  What does this mean? It means the new louse are resistant to over the counter treatments!  These bugs have evolved due to treatments not being done properly at home.  If the nits (eggs) on the hair shaft are not taken out and withstand the treatment at home they become “super bugs.”  The treatment will take longer to have an effect and more than one treatment is typically needed.  

Prescription drugs are also available to treat lice but have harmful chemicals in them.  Some chemicals that are in them have actually been taken out of household cleaners but is still used in lice removal products!  Yikes!!  

There are also home remedies available on the internet.  While these treatments may be effective at first by killing live bugs,  the nits are still there to hatch in just a few short days leaving you with a problem all over again.  Also, when treated at home, many treatments take one week to eradicate the infestation and bedding and laundry needs to be done daily!

Buggin’ Out’s Solution…

Treat in our salon.  With one all natural treatment you can feel confident that your lice issues are behind you.  A professional will also explain how to treat your home and answer all of your questions.  Treat heads then clean!  Finished in one day!!  No extra combing at home and children can play, watch movie, do homework.  This issue is a problem.  Don’t go at it alone!